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Standups for your team

Stand ups are important for your team for many reasons, they kickstart your day, encourage more collaboration with your teammates and build ownership.

💡 Project Management methodology Basics
IW2BAPM | Simple Product roadmap excel document

A simple product roadmap for managing your sprints and epics inside a spreadsheet.

🌎 Roadmap Templates
IW2BAPM | Product specification document example

This is a short document showing a small feature that we wrote for IW2BAPM

🌎 Product requirements documentation PRD FRD Templates
IW2BAPM | Sprint update email example

This is a short and simple template for sprint update to send to stakeholders via email.

🌎 Sprints Templates
Blackblot - ניהול מוצר

Blackblot - ניהול מוצר

PMSphere - User Stories That Work(PM509)

How to take complex products or features and break them into excellent User Stories. And how to work in Agile teams, while keeping focus on the value to both business and customers.

PMSphere - From Concept To MVP(PM301)

The need to deliver MVP quickly to the market becomes a necessity today. But how to do it right? how a minimal product can still be Valuable? and which pitfalls to avoid when building your MVP?

PMSphere - Roadmap & Strategy Workshop Business Oriented Product Leadership(PM308)

How to build an effective roadmap, how to think long-term, and lead new opportunities, when the market and needs are constantly changing.

PMSphere - Customer Success Course Creating value with customer success (CS407)

Learn what customer success is, how to effectively increase retention, reduce churn and build a successful recurring revenue business.

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